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ASTORIA PLUS 4 YOU Double Group Astoria's flagship machine incorporates technical care and control with their new smart, energy efficient software. The Astoria Plus 4 You, available in this new style, dedicates individual boilers to each group head, in addition to sporting an over sized steam boiler. The temperature of the steam boiler, coffee water reservoir, and group heads can be set individually via a digital control panel. The Plus 4 You is also the first espresso machine in Astoria's "Green Line" and can save the shop up to 47% in energy costs. With patented software, the machine learns the work load requirements of various times of the day and week and uses that information to activate functions only when and where they are needed. Product Video - This above model is able to dispense all variants of coffee like Cappuccino Café Latte Espresso We focus all of our attention on the customer to offer our full support. For maximum flexibility and availability, we assist our customers from the first contact through post sales. For further details and queries please contact +91-9811333004 Marketed by Xpresso Enterprises
  • 2017-09-04T06:27:54

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