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Espresso Preparation

Espresso is another way you can enjoy coffee, but it’s method of preparation is somewhat different from traditional coffee.

Typically, when you make espresso, you grind the coffee beans down to a much finer grind than you would use for regular coffee. Once your grind is complete, you place them into a basked and then tamp them down using around 30-40 pounds of pressure. This prevents the water passed through the grounds from opening a whole in them.

An espresso is served as a type of shot, so a small glass that can be quickly pulled through the grounds. On average, when you pull a shot of espresso, it should take around 15-20 seconds to pull the water through the grounds. Anything longer than that can impact the flavor of your espresso shot.


There are three main parts to a shot of espresso:

·        The Heart – This is the very dark part that you see in the bottom of your espresso shot.

·        The Body – This is the light brown center where both the darkest parts of the coffee and the top layer of creama begin mixing together.

·        The Crema – This is the creamy top layer of the perfectly pulled espresso shot.

From the moment you pour an espresso shot, you have a very limited amount of time that it can be enjoyed. After only 10 seconds, these three distinct layers will begin to vanish, impacting the taste of the espresso. Wait too long, and your espresso will taste so bad you will forget why you ordered it in the first place.




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