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How Boiler Capacity plays significant role in Espresso machine

 Let’s talk boilers. There are three price points to consider, each offering a different boiler configuration with different accompanying mechanicals. Machines under $1,000 are commonly single-boiler, dual-use setups: because these use a single thermostat to control the water temp (switchable from one boiler to the other at the user’s behest), these machines can’t brew and steam milk simultaneously. Above the $1,000 mark, you’ll come across mostly single-boiler, heat-exchanger machines, which feature a larger boiler that keeps water at or around 240 degrees Fahrenheit and make it possible to brew and steam simultaneously. Dual-boiler machines tend to cost well over $2,000, and feature two separate boilers for simultaneous brewing and steaming. While “dualies” seem like the way to go for serious espresso nerds, keep in mind that North American 110V power outlets can’t always handle the needs of these machines (we have to throw Europe a bone every now and then), though North American brands are slowly coming up with new approaches to work in our market.

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