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How does semi-automatic espresso machine operate

When most people think of a coffee machine, an espresso machine is the one they have in mind. This is the type of device to wake your inner barista, letting you dispense your own shot of espresso. All of these machines push high-pressure hot water through compressed (tamped) coffee grounds, creating that distinctive shot of espresso: a rich, small drink (around 30-35ml is average) with the foamy crema on top.

Espresso, a drink in its own right, is the basis for all types of drinks that you get in your local coffee shop, including Americano (hot water added to espresso), cappuccino (double espresso and equal amounts of steamed milk and foamed milk), latté (double espresso, steamed milk with a small amount of froth), and macchiato (double espresso with a dab of foamed milk). There are hundreds of additional recipes and methods of producing each type of drink, making an espresso machine the perfect option for anyone that likes to experiment

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