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Key Features of Espresso coffee machine


All espresso machines do essentially the same thing: they create rich, dark coffee. But individual models differ in their “ease of use” and the amount of control they offer the home barista.

Water Tank Size

How much espresso do you want to make at once? The size of your machine’s water reservoir determines this. The market offers models with tanks large and small. Some machines include a filter that removes impurities from the water.

Bean Requirements

Plenty of espresso machines on today’s market can accommodate “regular” beans, but some machines require specially designed pods. 

You’ll also notice that some espresso machines have a built-in bean grinder whereas others require you to grind your beans elsewhere.

Heating Time

The amount of time it takes a machine to reach the perfect temperature depends on its heating element. High-end machines often reach their ideal temperature in less minutes. Machines from other manufacturers may take longer.

Other Features

Frothing aids, decanters with measuring marks, cool-touch handles, and removable drip trays are just a few of the other features you may wish to consider before making a purchase. Read on to learn more about the particular features offered by each product in our matrix.

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