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Making Espresso: The Basics

The ideal espresso is rich, smooth, velvety, and strong. Creating the perfect cup is an art that requires some trial and error.

The steps may vary slightly by machine, but here’s a general list of procedures to follow:

  • Obtain some dark-roasted coffee beans. The best varieties hail from Italy.

  • Grind the beans down to a powder-like consistency.

  • Pour the espresso into the machine’s portafilter. A portafilter is a handle with a small cup holder at the end.

  • After the portafilter is filled, use a small, flat-edged device to tamp down, or “flatter,” the grounds.

  • Attach the portafilter to the gasket, which locks it into place. Turn the portafilter about 20 degrees counterclockwise until it tightens into place.

  • Once the water heats, press the “on” or “start” button. Dark, rich espresso will slowly pour out.
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